Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Just subscribe to a plan.

We will send you the physical cards in the mail.

Its just that simple.

What’s the catch?

No catch… You give us $90.00 and we send you at least $100 in gift card value.  Simple as that!

Do the cards expire?


What if I receive a card for an establishment I can’t use?

Good question!  First, we encourage you to try to use it. They are interested in your business and that’s why they are participating in the program.  Look at the establishments website or visit their store. If you still can’t use the card, you could:

  1. Re-Gift the card
  2. Make a Donation

We had a member receive a fast food card recently.  She didn’t eat fast food at all…. So she “donated it” to a group of kids coming out of the movies…. They were thrilled!!!

Are you hiring?

YES!  We need help. So if want to contribute to the consumer experience and have relationships or skill sets in food service, retail, hospitality or travel industries, we want to talk to you.

And if you have programming skills, database management expertise, please drop us a line.

We especially need help in building out our regional areas.  Many establishments have excellent products and services, but not the large national footprint.  This is some of the best opportunities for everyone.  Please contact us for more information.

I manage the Gift Card Program and/or Marketing Department for my company. Can I get more information on participating?

Of course!  Please contact


Can I have multiple accounts?


But please understand, this service is consumer driven.  We do not serve the interests of  bulk clients (i.e. 100 accounts to 1 shipping address)….. Yes it happens…


How do you pick the cards for any given month?

We try to package a great assortment of 2 or 3 cards with a combined value of NOT LESS than $100.00, that do not conflict with each other, but somewhat compliment.  We try to work with national companies,  but also work with respectable regional and boutique establishments as well.  All the cards are redeemable in the store or online.  So even if a participating card offer doesn’t have a physical store in your area, you can still use the card online.

Will I get the same cards every month?

No.  However, we may feature selected products more than one time per year based on popularity, demand or other commitments.

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Can I suggest Gift Cards for you to include?

For sure!  We would love to hear your voice because it helps us help you!*  Drop us a line on our twitter account @GiftCardMonthly and we will do our best!


*Jerry McGuire is not a subscriber

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